A blazing fast cloud, advanced medical imaging, mixed reality, machine learning, 3D printing...with Vizua, it's all within reach.

Vizua at Microsoft BUILD 2017
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Vizua co-founder Sylvain Ordureau: The Future is Becoming Present in Medical with Vizua Solutions

Demo of Vizua on the HoloLens


Today’s interactive experiences can require significant compute resources. Especially in Virtual-, Augmented-, and Mixed-Reality applications. This is true not just for graphic rendering, but for visual analytics and deep learning to support intelligent as well as interactive experiences.

Vizua’s cloud platform technology efficiently shares GPU resources between applications and users. Much more efficiently, in fact, than other solutions. This significantly increases responsiveness, and reduces the cost and resources required to scale.

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Based on years of experience creating 3D imaging solutions, Vizua has developed a full complement of technology for viewing, editing, managing, printing, and sharing 3D data. This is all optimized for the Vizua Cloud platform and makes full use of GPU accelerated servers. Some of this functionality can be found in Vizua Online, a service intended primarily for medical applications of viewing, editing, sharing, and printing DICOM files.

In addition to medical applications, Vizua's 3D and Cloud technologies are suitable for other types of visualization, from 3D sports and entertainment applications to virtual- and augmented-reality. Vizua is also working on machine learning and other technologies to add meaning to visualizations.


Virtual Reality

Virtual- and mixed-reality applications are no longer on the horizon, they're now! Vizua technology can responsively stream to VR headsets and devices to provide a compelling, immersive experience. Streaming from Vizua rather than using on-device computation significantly reduces power consumption (which increases battery life), and by not hosting potentially sensitive data on a device, streaming enhances privacy and security.

Medical Imaging

Vizua is adaptable to a wide variety of medical applications from radiology to research, and from medical education to patient communication. Hosting sensitive data in the cloud enhances security and privacy. The HTML5-compatible provides access to applications from a wide variety of mobile, VR/AR devices, and desktops.

3D Printing

Vizua technology allows 3D prints that accurately reflect a viewed object. This has many applications in the medical field and beyond. 3D printed models can be used in education, practice models for surgery, and patient communication, to name just a few. Vizua 3D viewing and printing technology has been embedded into client products to deliver flexible services for customers.


One tension in Museum Studies is between preservation of artifacts and research, which may require intrusive methods. With Vizua, artifacts can be scanned and investigated without altering the original material and detailed information about internal structure can be gathered, analyzed, and shared quickly. Vizua technology has also been used to provide an immersive museum experience for visitors. For example, scanning a mummy interior, then using VR headsets to overlay an "x-ray" view on a sarcophagus. Possibilities are endless.


Vizua can be used in the dental profession. For patient evaluation as well for dental education. Using 3D printing to faithfully reproduce specific real-world pathologies for surgical practice allows repeated practice on the same models enhancing skill development.


3D technology isn't limited to organic applications. In automotive engineering, for example, understanding how internal structure responds to friction, temperature and other factors can be critical in automotive engine design. Vizua can help quickly gather and visualize this information non-intrusively, without dismantling the engine.


Vizua licenses its technology to help companies build interactive solutions in the cloud. Solutions can run on GPU accelerated servers and stream interactive experiences to mobile, VR, and desktop devices using standard HTML5. Applications include virtual- and mixed-reality, 3D printing, medical imaging, and education. Located in Seattle, WA, with offices in Montreal, CA, and Paris, FR, Vizua was founded by industry veterans, Vizua is privately held and has 3D Systems among its investors.


  • 2010  Company Founded
  • 2011  Fundraising and First Beta Customers
  • 2012  Commercial 3D HTML5 Viewing Service
  • 2013  3D Printing Service with 3D Systems
  • 2014  Vizua Streaming Service
  • 2015  Streaming Patent Granted
  • 2016  Vizua Running on Azure GPU

Sylvain Ordureau, Co-founder/CEO
(sylvain@vizua3d.com) - Sylvan is the founder of UsefulProgress Canada, Inc., a company in Montreal that develops new technologies for scanning, analyzing, handling, storing and streaming high-definition 3D data. Working in close collaboration with clients, UsefulProgress develops 3D technology for applications from archeology to medicine to mixed/augmented/virtual reality. With Vizua, Sylvain continues to expand his influence to new international markets and splits his time between Vizua's offices.

Ed Ventura, Co-founder/President
(ed@vizua3d.com) - Ed has been an impassioned entrepreneur, business development executive and interactive entertainment brand and franchise expansion expert for over 20 years. Throughout a 14-year career with Microsoft, Ed oversaw the evolution of interactive entertainment as an impactful and significant facet of the industry giant’s operations, including creative business development achievements totaling more than a quarter-billion dollars annual revenue.

Vizua's main office is responsible for business development and overall company operation. Ed leads the office and is joined in the US by Jean-Manuel Nothias, VP Business Development (jean-manuel@vizua3d.com), and Robert Gallup, Principal Program Manager (bob@vizua3d.com)

Vizua R&D (Montreal)

The office in Montreal is Vizua's technology center. In addition to its role in developing and maintaining Vizua's core technology, it is also responsible for experimental projects, developing future technology and supporting client integration for Vizua Cloud and Vizua's 3D products.

Vizua Studio (Paris)

Vizua's Paris office develops and manages content for a wide range of medical, museum, entertainment, and education clients.


For more information, contact us with our contact form or at info@vizua3d.com.