From Visualization to Collaboration

Vizua is a professional, multipurpose, interactive, 3D content collaborative platform. It can be used stand-alone, or customized into solutions ranging from engineering and architeture, to veteriny application and education, to culture and science. Its rich set of tools and services allows easy review, edit, and sharing data. All of this from a cloud platform that delivers high-performance graphics processing at a fraction of the cost of individually licensed software and purchased hardware.


Vizua, along with its partners software, easily converts from data most popular 3D file format (CAD or BIM design, obj, fbx, dicom and lots more).

With Vizua, after a one-time upload your data is securely stored on our servers, source data never reaches end devices, only views and interactions are streamed.


Vizua cloud rendering technology allows to visualize easily your data in high definition, without intsalling any software, on multiple devices: mobiles, tablets, computers.

View your design in Augmented Reallity, on mobiles, tablets or Hololens, with the Vizua AR application.


Vizua intuitive interface empowers you to explore, discover, share and demonstrate with anyone you choose from anywhere in the world.

An easy-to-learn and operate editor allows you, or multiple users, to make simple edits to your design for faster prototyping or training purposes.


Why choose us?

Sharing and Collaboration

With Vizua technology, share a specific view with one or more users or let everyone explore the scene from their point of views. Vizua specific rendering architecture allows multi-users scene edition, rendering the results instantly to all viewers in the session, which makes it ideal for design reviews.


Browser tools for visualization and sharing are fast and simple. They are as easy to use by the specialist as the consumer. Vizua an online service with no dedicated hardware to purchase or lease, or specialized software to license, install and maintain.

Full 3D Experience

With Vizua 3D models can be manipulated in real time using an intuitive interface. Models can be rotated in any plane, filtered from top to bottom, from surface to core and all iterations in between. Vizua can even render visualizations in stereoscopic 3D, which when viewed on a glasses-free 3D screen provides an additional depth of visualization for even better understanding.

Device Independence

3D content stored on Vizua servers can be easily and instantly accessed from a computer or mobile device, removing the time consuming management and loading high-resolution data.